D-INJECT/Corpse Bane News 4 / Aug / 2016

Evening readers. Since I have yet to upload the tenth chapter of D-INJECT Second Birthday I though I'd take some time to let you know what I will be working on for the time being.

Posts on the website will be slow for quite a bit as I have begun editing the ten chapters that have been written for D-INJECT Second Birthday. Once the editing is complete, the updated versions will be posted onto the website. These updates don't add too much new things, they only fix any errors that were overlooked during my first edit. However the more important reason behind this editing is that I am planning on releasing the first ten chapters of D-INJECT as a light novel. I have no release date for the new light novel yet but I will probably announce it once the book is ready for release and I have uploaded the tenth chapter. You can expect to see more light novels for D-INJECT in the future, as I plan to release one every ten chapters.

Once the first volume of D-INJECT is finished and released I will be turning my attention to Corpse Bane. I would like to get the first Volume released on Halloween, since that is when the first chapter released about a year ago. However if I can get it out before then I can focus on rewriting Volume 2 and possibly the Scarlet Company side story. But for now I want to focus on getting these two books finished and released then I can worry about working on other series.

I am also planning on writing a few articles for the site later on pertaining to a certain anime that has been blowing away my expectations as of late. The anime in question is Re: Zero. Re: Zero is an amazing series and there is a lot I would like to write about it. I will attempt to write an article or two once I take my break after these two books are released. That way there will be some content to read while I prepare the next few chapters of D-Inject and Volume 2 of Corpse Bane.

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D-INJECT Updates and Wattpad 18 / Jul / 16

So, I'm back from a small beach trip. I did have Chapters 5 and 6 of D-INJECT completely written, but I had lost my internet access while on my vacation so I was unable to edit. That being said, I will be able to get both chapters up relatively quickly since they are already written. After that its full speed ahead to Chapter 10.

Now then. I would like to mention that I do have a plan as for how D-INJECT will be released. Once I hit a tenth chapter I am going to take a break from writing D-INJECT. This will be so I can take time to properly edit the chapters that had been released, update the released chapters with any edits, and compile them into a physical volume. I am essentially going with a very eastern style of releasing this story because I honestly have no idea where and what number D-INJECT will end on. Doing the releases this way will allow me as much time as I need to flesh things out at a pace that works much better than the original book. Now then I am still using the Acts structure from the original book and those acts will probably become their own books, but lumping the acts all into one book may prove difficult given the scale of the series.

I also am going to be using the time I spend after D-INJECT's tenth chapter to prep Corpse Bane Volume 1 for its release. I hate using deadlines, but I would love to be able to release it on Halloween, since this year Corpse Bane will be three years old. I'll probably write a post about it later on but I am definitely planning on bringing the series back to where it was before my hiatus.

Now for the last bit of news. I now have an account with Wattpad. I will be uploading D-INJECT chapters there as well as my website. I am basically using Wattpad as another tool to get more people reading my stuff. After all it is my dream to build an audience of people who genuinely enjoy and appreciate my work. I long for the day I can see my readers' reactions. I shall link to my Wattpad below. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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No Podcast Today

Unfortunately this week there won't be a podcast since I have been busy doing work around my home. I will see when I can get time to record a podcast, but for right now I'm going to focus on working on my house's much needed renovations as well as writing chapters of D-Inject as well as editing Corpse Bane 1. Chapter 3 of D-Inject will most likely be released next week so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Posted on June 25, 2016 .

Cover Reveal for D-INJECT / 11 Jun 16

Just a quick post for you who follow the blog side of things. This is the first cover image you'll see for D-INJECT, and I could not be more proud of how this looks! Chapter 1 will be releasing tomorrow, so keep an eye out! I am also working my hardest to get Corpse Bane prepped for a release but it will take some time. I will be posting info about its current state once I make decent progress. At the moment I have six chapters formatted but that is bound to change.

Posted on June 11, 2016 .

New Podcast Episode! / 08 Jun 16

Been awhile since I made a blog post, but I assure you I have been hard at work. Just thought I'd let all of you know that there will be a new episode of my podcast coming this Saturday. I will be officially starting this podcast now since I am sick of waiting on iTunes to work properly. Expect to see podcast episodes every Saturday. No matter what happens, I am going to make sure I can get an episode recorded for each week.

In other news, I am going rather steady with Corpse Bane, mainly because I want to focus on other things before I dive back in and prepare the first Volume for its release. I will be keeping you all up to date on its progress as well as when it will be available for pre order and purchase.

I also got a bunch of other side projects I am working on so you can expect to see a lot of new content coming. I will be talking about these projects more in the future.

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Corpse Bane Updated! / 18 May 16

So Volume 1's updates are at last complete, which means now it is just one last stretch to finishing the printed release. Firstly I need to format everything so it looks nice in both print and in eBook form. Secondly is I am going to be adding some bonus content, namely some character bios. I am unsure if there is any other content I am thinking of putting in the book at this moment, but first I want to get formatting out of the way. Secondly I need to finish the cover image. The new logo for Corpse Bane I have here on the site is the same image I will be using for the cover, with some obvious changes. I will be teasing the cover once the print version is completed. And once the Corpse Bane book is up I will be changing some things around with my flagship series, D-Inject. If you follow my social media, you will know that I have decided to rewrite D-Inject, Second Birthday in order to get it up to snuff with my current level of writing, and maybe even surpass it. There is a lot in the book I have wanted to change and fix and now I am going to see to it that I do. I will be writing up a blog post in the future that details these changes.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt.

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Last Week of College / 30 Apr 16

Alright, so I have not been able to get nearly as much work done as I would have liked towards the end of this month. This month has been taken up entirely by class work, mainly papers that needed to be done. Now I only have one more class day and then the rest of the week is full of exams, and then on that Friday I will be taken some time off. I am going to try to get myself back on track today and tomorrow with Corpse Bane Volume 1 but my mind has been just keeping itself occupied with ideas for D-Inject. Those will probably to be kept under wraps though. I also managed to record the first episode of the podcast, but I need to get a few more things going before I continue with the second episode. Mainly I just need to figure out iTunes, since it is becoming an increasingly long pain in my side to upload a podcast to iTunes.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

Posted on April 30, 2016 .

Update on Chapter 6

So chapter 6 of Corpse Bane has been a bit slow since I have been a little busy, what with this being the second to last week in the semester. I have research papers and exams to get started on and finish so trying to fit in some writing will be quite difficult. However I will attempt to get at least chapters 6 and 7 done by the weekend if not during. If I am lucky we can get up to chapter's 8 or 9 and maybe even 10, bringing us ever closer to finishing the revised version of Volume 1. As for podcasting I have not had nearly as much time as I would like to create an outline for the first episode but as soon as I can find the time and motivation I will jump on it. I have been dying to get a first episode up, but I have not found a moment where I can sit down and iron out all the details. Once production begins I will be posting about it, I assure you. Though while I work on paper's I may shift focus to some simple outlining for D-Inject and future Corpse Bane chapters, just to keep things simple until I finish up year one of college. I will hopefully have some content to upload soon.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Half Way There! / 14 Apr 16

So today I managed to get quite a bit of work done on Corpse Bane chapter 6. I actually have read through the entire chapter, however I want to give it another read through before I upload it to the website, you can expect to see it here on the site either Friday or Saturday. As for other content I am working on, I am planning on recording a podcast episode this weekend. I have quite a few ideas prepared and all I need to do is write out an outline and I can get to recording. Hopefully the recording goes well as I am hoping to get half and hour to an hour's worth of content with the new podcast. This is going to be my attempt to up the quality of my podcasting. I am also going to avoid writing scripts and am resorting to outlines so I can make the podcast itself much more genuine as I plan to use it as a means to teach people techniques to improve writing. Hopefully the first episode goes well, but we shall see.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Chapter 5 Progress / 13 Apr 16

Gonna leave today's blog short since I want to get as much work done as I can before turning into bed. Chapter 5 is progressing steadily and could be updated any day this week. So I am going to give you a small sample of the improved Chapter 5 of Corpse Bane Volume 1. Hope you enjoy~!

The moon hung over Bleakburn Hollow like a lantern kept afloat by an unknown force. Bane was sound asleep as the moon illuminated his room with its calming rays. While Bane’s body lay motionless and silent, his mind delved deep into the depths of a dream. Bane felt relaxation and pleasure as he was wrapped in the warm flesh of several succubi that invaded his inner sanctum. The lust serving demons caressed his body tenderly, whispering tempting words of enchantment into his ears. Bane lay still, smirking to himself as the hellish maidens made him feel like a king. He exhaled a breath of satisfaction and relaxed into a seductive euphoria. One of the enticing maidens crawled up to him and whispered softly into his ear. Her fiery red locks draped down over her bare breasts and onto Bane’s lifeless skin. Her deep eyes painted a hellscape within as they looked right into Bane’s own.

"Won’t you come home with us Bane? We missed you so much!"

Bane’s grin of pleasure waned to an expression of curiosity as the demons giggled to themselves much like mischievous children.

"H-Home? What do you mean home?"

The harem of succubi let lose a soft cacophony of laughter and surrounded Bane, kissing and caressing his exposed body as he lay upon the bed. A soft feminine voice uttered words that penetrated Bane’s ear like thread.

"No time for that now love. It’s time to wake up."

A dainty demonic finger poked at Bane’s forehead and pierce through him. Bane felt a strange sensation as the demonic digit placed the very tip of its nail upon his skull. It felt like rising up from underwater. Bane was dragged forward and pulled up out of the deep brine of the dream world forcing him to awaken from his sleep with a jolt. He looked around his bedroom and saw the sun had replaced the moon and the light that poured through was harsh and bright. Bane stared at the balcony window and took a deep breath as his mind dissolved into thought.

"That was the worst wet dream I think I ever had."

Bane shook his head and chose to forget the dream for the time being. He got up from his bed, donned his clothes, and headed to the mess hall for his breakfast.

That's the first paragraph of Chapter 5, probably one of the most pivotal chapters if you ask me, since it is the start of everything in the Corpse Bane story. This the beginning of the quest Celeste and the team undertake. I never really got a chance to say it but I am happy to be revisting the first volume and improving upon since its not only helping prepare for its printed release, but I am also learning new things from it. Gonna head back to work now!

Stay Frosty
Adam Schmidt


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Writing and Warfare! / 11 Apr 16

So I realize that I have been posting mainly on Monday and haven't been keeping up with this idea of trying to post as often as I can. I do apologize for that, for the most part I have been a bit burned out from classes and have been focusing almost all of my remaining attention towards Corpse Bane Volume 1. Right now I am working on improving Chapter 5 and am also working on outlining the remainder of Volume 2 and beyond. Yes I will confirm it here and now that there is a lot more to be seen beyond Volume 2 of Corpse Bane. There is a lot not yet planned but I have plenty of ideas of where the series will be headed. And while editing Chapter 5 I sought out some inspiration through some video games that I had on in the background in the form of a walk-through. The game that I went to was a series of games. The series was Gears of War. I never got a chance to play these games since I am a Sony fan and never owned an Xbox, but I did want to see what the hype was about. Now since writing this I have trudged through video play-throughs of the first two games and good lord I don't think I have found anything that could match these games. The writing is THAT BAD! Now granted the third installment has been out for awhile and I am only a few parts in since I can't be asked to get the game for PC. (If its even on PC.) However, I am a little frustrated that the third game finally explains all the plot holes from way back in the first game. Granted its not great timing by any means, it still has shown that this installment has a bit of a story and I am going to try to trudge through while ignoring the previous two god awful games, and I mean that from a story aspect. But yeah GoW may serve as inspiration for some later story work I do since I still love the design aspect and the world they built. Other than that I'll keep you posted on future updates.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Hey everyone, boy oh boy have I been busy. For starters if anyone has taken a look around the site you might have noticed a bit of a cosmetic upgrade. I am definitely going to work more on improving the look of the place but for now I think it looks a lot better than what it once was. Corpse Bane Chapter 1 has also been updated so please check it out. As for today I got a ton of writing done. For starters I have gone back to D-Inject Second Birthday and edited the first chapter once again. It didn't even take that long to be honest. The style of D-Inject is much different and much less romantic than Corpse Bane since it is written from the perspective of the protagonist, Heaven. There are some occasional romantic descriptions but the flow is fast and simple. I am actually surprised that I opened it so strongly. It has been awhile since I have taken a look at book 1 and it is kind of refreshing to know I didn't do as bad of a job as I thought. I suppose that's just a writers pessimism. Moving on to book 2 now, I have finished drafting up the 3rd chapter and am going to move on to chapter 4 tomorrow. In addition I am editing chapter 2 of Corpse Bane Volume 1. So far I have gotten through a small portion of the opening paragraph but I still have a long way to go. Expect to hear more about my progress tomorrow. I will also be writing up a podcast script tomorrow and possibly recording tomorrow or Wednesday so look forward to my return to podcasting.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt


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Corpse Bane Update Releases Saturday!

Hey all. Despite today being my super busy day for classes, I managed to edit a little bit more of Chapter 1 and have found that I am close to finishing. Only one paragraph left to go! This means I can safely confirm that the first chapter of Corpse Bane will be updated on Saturday April 2nd. Hope you are all looking forward to a much more fleshed out version of Corpse Bane. This also means I can get to work on the new podcast and attempt to get it prepared for this weekend. While I am aiming to have an episode ready for Sunday, I may need to hold off until I can figure out iTunes. Once I have a proper RSS feed up and running for the podcast I'll definitely be going full steam ahead with it. As for other projects, I'll be dedicating next week to D-Inject Book 2 while editing Corpse Bane Chapter 2 on the side. I've been putting off for longer than I would like and would very much like to get back to it. Hopefully I'll also have Corpse Bane Chapter 2 ready by next week, if not the following week. This also does mean that Vol 2 of Corpse Bane will be delayed until Vol 1 is updated. Doing this will allow me to refresh my memory on the continuity and fill any plot holes in both Volume 2 and Scarlet Company. Corpse Bane has a long road ahead of it, and hopefully I manage to clear a great distance soon.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Good News! / 30 Mar 16

So far progress on Corpse Bane Chapter 1 is going very well. I predict I may even have it updated by the end of the week which is super awesome. In the meantime I have also been binge watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and am nearing the end of Stardust Crusaders. Pretty soon I'll be moving to SC's second season and will be caught up for when Part 4 releases. I may even write up a review of the series so far for when I return to podcasting. I am hoping to have the first episode ready for release this coming Sunday, but this depends on the progress I make with Corpse Bane. But judging by my pace, this undertaking is more than doable. There are going to be a lot of changes when the new podcast rolls around but I do not doubt that it will be much better than the previous podcast. Things are really beginning to look up for the state of this site. Hope you are looking forward to it. 

Stay Frosty
Adam Schmidt

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Corpse Bane Progress / 29 Mar 16

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd keep this article short and to the point. So far progress is going steady with Corpse Bane Chapter 1. Soon I believe it will be ready to be posted on the site, replacing the older version of the chapter. Once I finish this chapter of Corpse Bane I will be focusing my attention on D-Inject and attempt to write a new chapter for the second book. Anyway, below is a sneak preview of the new version of Corpse Bane Chapter 1.

The sun descended upon the gothic vistas of Bleakburn Hollow. Standing within the eastern court of the town sat a castle, magnified in its majesty by the regressing sunlight. This castle, once the home of nightmarish creatures in human skin, was the home base of the Watchmen Guild. Within one of the several towers of this castle sat a young woman within a cosy study looking out over the pine tree horizon. The young woman found herself slowing falling asleep against the window which observed the setting sun pouring scarlet light onto the rooftops below. This young woman was Mina Harker, the legendary vampire hunter and the founder and master of the Watchmen Guild, a group of ruthless hunters that protected the Empire of Olfrein from things that go bump in the night. For the land was beset by a terrible curse. Every night the dead would rise from their graves and lay their malicious hands upon mankind. Many people lost their lives when the Curse first appeared, but over time precautions had been taken and the Curse soon became just an everyday occurrence to the people of Olfrein. Due to this negligence, the numbers of undead grow every day and many parts of the kingdom of Olfrein have been overrun. Many crusades have taken place across the lands, but the hordes continue to grow in number and Olfrein is teetering close to breaking point. But fate it would seem, wishes to give humanity the means to defend their legacy.

So there it is, I hope you enjoyed the newer and more improved version. See you tomorrow.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Happy Easter / 27 Mar 16

So today was Easter, I hope you all were to celebrate with families and or loved ones, or at least got to enjoy a day off. I spent my morning doing some paint work on my Orks. I have gotten two pieces for my next boy painted but I might give it a second coat later on. Most of my day was spent with family so I haven't gotten much work done, but I will be working on Corpse Bane before I head off to rest. Class starts back up tomorrow, much to my dismay. I have a long gap in between my two courses for Monday so that time will be dedicated to Corpse Bane editing. Another fun fact is I will be turning 19 tomorrow. So that's cool. Anyway I shall get back to work.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Returned From the Shore / 26 Mar 16

So I have come back from the beach and am prepping to get back to work. I am going to restart the editing of Corpse Bane 1 seeing as I feel I need to focus heavily on its writing and look at what I should remove, what I should add, etc. I also am planning on getting back to pod casting soon. The first episode of the new podcast will begin either this coming Sunday or the following week, I have not decided. This podcast is going to be weekly as before, but will have less to do with exclusive content reading and will focus more on topic discussion. Each week I will focus on discussing a topic, all of which will be focused on writing. These topics range from analyzing writing to giving out advice. Hell I may even slip in a few reviews here and there. Meanwhile I have also been experimenting with new formats for my books. I'll be honest, I am disappointed in D-Inject Second Birthday's formatting and am going to work my ass off to make it look a lot more professional. Anyway I will be back to daily/semi-daily blog posts now that I am home again and I feel a lot more energetic then before. Hope you are excited.

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Corpse Bane Vol 1 Complete Progress / 21 Mar 16

I've gotten up to Chapter 5 of Corpse Bane Vol 1 today and am making good progress on the edits. I am going to to go back over the story a second time to really fine tune and improve the writing but for right now I am mostly reading through to refresh my memory of the story. Tomorrow I am going to do a few more chapters of Corpse Bane and then maybe switch over to D-Inject. I do want to get started on re editing D-Inject Book 1 soon but it seems like Corpse Bane is going to take up the most time. So far things are going smoothly and I am sure that I will be able to get even more work done tomorrow.

Stay Frosty
Adam Schmidt

Posted on March 21, 2016 .

The Long Road Ahead / 20 Mar 16

So I missed posting yesterday and Friday simply because I had no time and was rather exhausted. That and its better I leave days out where nothing really happens as opposed to waste your time right. So today begins the long road of working on all that I have written and improving it. Today I began with Corpse Bane Vol 1. Chapter 1 has been revised and I am going to go back and reread it for typos before continuing on to Chapter 2. Tomorrow I aim to focus all of my time on Corpse Bane Volume 1 and hopefully get 2-3 chapters finished. I am also looking into a possible new format for my books since my current one is rather unprofessional in my opinion. When I find time I will be experimenting with the format of my books and finding one that really improves the quality of my work. That being said, once I finish Volume 1 I will move to rework Volume 2 and fix the countless continuity errors that have spawned from a lack of attention as well as the typos that are present. Wish me luck and have a good night.

Stay Frosty,
Adam Schmidt

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Preparin' for the Waaaaagh! / 17 March 16

So today was Thursday, meaning it was my long day at school. I mostly focused on my tabletop game since my brain is kinda dead and I have a number of other things taking priority, namely studying and relaxing. That being said I got to check out the first DLC pack for XCOM 2 and holy hell am I impressed with it. All of the customization options add a hell of a lot more character and personalities to the soldiers you send into battle in the game. I love the insane and sort of "out of left field" approach they took with the new customization pieces. They added quite a lot of items ranging from gas masks to aviator goggles. They really made each piece work with everything else and I am really excited to see how they work with other costume pieces as well as the mods I have.

In other news I have also been looking at the Ork Codex for Warhammer 40k in hopes of planning out my dream army. One day the drums of the Waaaagh will sound from the small confines of my home. In all seriousness I am mostly thinking about how each unit is going to look as I feel I could design each model in way that gives them a unique story. Saturday I plan on purchasing a starter kit for my Orks and later on I will be ordering some Lootas as well as more Boyz to increase the ranks. Then I plan on getting my hands on some Guardsman vehicles, mainly up to 2-3 Leman Russes and 2 Basilisks. I have a definite idea of the kind of army I want but I do need to teach myself the ins and outs of the game if I wish to continue, though based on my interest in the universe I don't think it will be too hard for me.

Warhammer and XCOM out of the way, my weekend is finally around the corner. I will be heading down to the shore this coming Saturday after running some errands, which includes purchasing my box o' boyz. Once I arrive down there I will be putting most of my time into writing. I have a lot of work to do and I need to get started on it. I will probably have a full plan laid out when I get down there I will definitely talk about in Saturday's post so stay tuned.

Stay Frosty
Adam Schmidt

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